Praise for James Hind – WTF?

Doesn’t Vanguard Supreme and The Mouse know that James Hind is a paedophile hiding in plain sight?

Of course they do!

They know very well that James Hind pretends to be a 12 year old boy online, who when tasked with identifying and removing paedophiles from a popular online social media site, frequented with children and teenagers, (of which he was made a moderator,) he actually protects the paedophile by failing to report them to police, when he does identify them.

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“I’ll keep a close eye on Matt Taylor,” vows James Hind

Ironically, James Hind isn’t even his real name.

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He’s petrified his real name is released, brcause he’s a CEO of a company with Christain clients.

He’s petrified his Christian clients will discover he’s a satanist.

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