Latest from the Satanists!

The Mouse, (some Scottish paedophile north of the border), says everything I do is “worthless,” while also being the sad pathetic paedo, who scrambles to break the news that I’m back posting dogshit irrelevant videos on YouTube!

A screenshot of his YouTube channel showing three consecutive videos all about me!

Of course when they have nothing else to say, they revert back to the old chest nut:

Satan Lover and Satanic Paedophile leader Dick Dastardly, aka James Swine! Isn’t far behind!

What do the following have in common?

Ruben N, James Swine, Jazzy, MAP Mouse, Sheva Burton, Toad Niedermeier, Elaine Cole, Nadia Marshall, Shellie Mote, Tiger Janus and Arsehole Lashbrook!

Answers on a postcard and sent to Fanny Bones, who will tell if you are correct!

The Pork Swordsman aka The Preston Turd

The reason Chris Brindle, (the 50 year old virgin, and serial public park lurker), has the definition of “Fanny,” pinned to his twitter account, is because he’s never had the experience of “Fanny,” hence pinning a definition of what it is to his Twitter account to remind him, what he’s never had…

A big dick!
Here Emily T describes what a sexual encounter with Brindle is like!

The Dragon Turns on Muttley!

“Reece Leverick, I saw this 4 days ago and assumed it was a copy cat false clone account but today clicked on it and was, well, hmm, it is him. How many LGBTQI Campaigners do you know who go on a comments section full of hate speech and dis someone who is part of the LGBTQI. All I will say here is I blocked Reece must be over a year ago now because of alarming messages he use to send me on FB. I’m talking unbalanced creepy messages. He is not a mental health worker and yet dishes out advice. I had his back when he was getting hate speech from an American Podcaster and his followers.

He can criticize my channel for my videos (my videos, he mainly uploads others videos) fine but don’t do it on a comments section that contains hate speech of YouTuber who has come out with hate speech against me and claim to be and LGBTQI campaigner. Plus, he is no Mental Health worker I can assure you. The time has come to send out that warning that Reece has a very disturbing and odd side to his psyche.”

Dragon Lady!

“All I will say here is I blocked Reece must be over a year ago now because of alarming messages he use to send me on FB. I’m talking unbalanced creepy messages.”

Ann Drogyne says Reece sent him “unbalanced creepy messages.”

He’s sent me similar messages.

“The time has come to send out that warning that Reece has a very disturbing and odd side to his psyche.”

“WARNING: Reece has a very disturbing and odd side to his psyche.”

Ann makes the point ‘twice’ that he isn’t a mental health worker.

  1. He is not a mental health worker and yet dishes out advice.
  2. He is no Mental Health worker I can assure you.

I have proved he lied, by denying it was him making that creepy impersonation of me, of which he denied in a vlog.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story!

On further thinking about this breaking story, (and it’s follow-up, of the Dragon lady asking me to do her a favour by editing my comment to omit “MAP” as my prefix to James Hind.)

James Hind is the only member of our crazy corner of YouTube (Shoutout to Freddy and Lady Becks!) to admit to viewing pornography of illegal content and of the top level.

“Illegal content,” and ” Top Level,” his words not mine!

He openly admits to watching this material, but claims to do so in his capacity as a Facebook moderator of a popular Facebook page targeted at children and teenagers.

“No guv; I ain’t no MAP! I just watch it because I have to as a moderator of a popular FB site targeted at children and teenagers”

He was given the tools of being a Facebook moderator to identify and remove any paedophile groomers he identifies online.

This particular Facebook site was already being monitored by the police.

When he did identify paedophiles, he only removed the content, and “suspended” them.

Yes; James Hind openly admits to only “suspending” paedophiles he finds sharing illegal child pornography of the top level.

He doesn’t report any of the paedophile’s he identifies to police because its not required by Facebook or Google, but reports numerous people for saying a child’s name to the Attorney General, Mold Court and the police.

What causes children more harm?

Naming children of sexual abuse; or

Suspending paedophiles, (freeing them to try again), and failing to report them to police?

I hope there are Dark Angels reading this message, who will be brave enough to speak out against James Hind and his side-kick Creepy Smuttley.

More GROBBY Jokes!

Grobby was tasked with getting the sacrifical chicken to slaughter at his first Satanic Ritual.

He was left a laughing stock when he turned up with a frozen Bernard Matthews turkey!

At 6’3″ with a body of Meatloaf at his prime, Christopher Brindle has man boobs and has to wear a bra.

They call him Double-Loaf in the Tower block he lives in.

Double-Loaf because he’s double the size of Meatloaf.

Sharon Gale described him a rotund!

Rotund! More like a fucking balloon.

Urhhhh, have you heard the latest? It’s disgusting. Grobby dreams of a threesome with Heather Turner and his best friend.

All we all know who Grobby’s best friend is!

Why is Grobby introducing his new puppy to teenagers at the bus stop?

Rumour has it, Grobby has a police caution for indecently propositioning 14-year-old girls at the bus stop.

His recent confession of introducing his puppy to teenagers at the bus stop confirms his form, and confirms he hasn’t changed.

Grobby is a 6th column reject. The 77th Brigade was the only civil servant organization that would take him.


What was Danny Jones’s Involvement?

In response to a question put to Danny Jones in a Real Live Stream on Sunday 30 January 2022, “Danny who got them locked up tho? Certainly nobody from these circles,” to which Danny Jones replied, “I helped with a couple of them John [Paterson], Taylor, EddisOK [Paul Rogers] and Wanoa I was involved in heavily.”

The obvious question is now, ‘what was his involvement?’

It’s all the Proof! You Need!

Tiger-Janus calls me an idiot for failing to prove I was NOT kicked out of the army.

“Where did it all go wrong for Matthew? OK, so Matt was in the army, we know that. He is such a twat showing pictures of you in the army prove fuck all. That’s not proof of you not getting kicked out you idiot.”

I’ve made no secret I was reduced in rank and dismissed from the army. Read more by downloading Taylor’s Tales, free of charge from

Download Now for Free!

The false allegation made by the 50 year old virgin from Preston, (who’s name is irrelevant), stated I never passed out from Phase Two training to become a Royal Military Policeman.

Seeing for yourself, me standing with a red cap on, proves I passed phase two training.

You don’t get to wear a Red Cap if you hadn’t!

That’s all the proof I need to show you!


Where’s Muttley’s Empathy?

While Satan Lover and Hind’s lapdog Muttley, shows no empathy towards Angela Power-Disney, because she named children, breaching Safeguarding Court orders, he is happy to endorse fellow Satan Lover James Hind, who failed to report countless paedophiles to the police, directly protecting paedophiles and ruining the lives of countless children.

In response to Marie Marlin’s question asking him to confirm whether he had pretended to be a 12 year old boy online, Satan Lover James Hind replied:

“I was employed as a moderator for a certain social media site. You will find moderators on any social media site will work according to rules and protocols of those sites, such as Facebook or Google. I removed content and suspended users who broke rules. As moderator I had to deal with illegal content that I would delete from the site. As moderator it was a duty to occasionally become a decoy (boy or girl) to identify and eliminate predators. Like Facebook moderators, it was not my role to report illegal activity or predators to the police, the site had specialist people with access to logs and direct contact with law enforcement to report illegal activity in a manner suitable and lawful for law enforcement to use.”

In his own words he admits to only removing the content and suspending the users who break the rules; (namely not to share illegal content;) when he should have been identifying and removing the paedophiles; NOT FUCKING SUSPENDING THEM!

Satan Lover James Hind, boasts of reporting Jeanette Archer, Samantha Baldwin, Angela Power-Disney and Owen Lucas to the Attorney General, the police and Mold Court, for naming Child A.

Naming Child A isn’t even classed as Child Abuse, contrary to what Satan Lover James Hind, would want you to believe.

So while he is happy to report numerous people for naming a child, of which brought absoluelty no harm to the child, he openly admits to failing to report any paedophiles he identified to police, and openly admits to only SUSPENDING them, affording them the luxury and opportunity to return after their suspensions, to do it again.

In this extract from his blog from November 2018, Satan Lover James Hind acknowledges that the social media site he moderated on, was also being monitored by police and paedophile hunters. If he was so concerned for children’s safety and welfare, why didn’t he pass on the details of the paedophiles he identified to them?
How many paedophiles did Satan Lover James Hind report to the police?

Where is Muttley’s empathy to the children, James hind has brought harm and abuse to, by failing to report ANY paedophiles to the police?

I Pity Grobnob!

It’s not even midday on Thursday 27 Jan 2022, and already Christopher Brindle aka Grobnob the Troll, has published four videos which mention me!

He’s sooooooo jealous of my brilliance, that it’s eating him up from the inside out.

Poor pathetic imbecile! Oh how I pity the unfortunate cretin!

It’s so embarrassing for him to go live, repeat my name over and over again, while literally no one is watching him.

He’s a sad pathetic 50 year old virgin…..

Who is Thomas Neidermeier’s Family?

“And all my family is now joining in.”

“Me and my family already have started to look into his business.”

He once accused me of harassing his “family,” which is strange because the only time I’ve ever visited Bavaria in Germany, was on a week’s long adventure break with the army.

I certainly didn’t meet anyone from the Neidermeier family clan.

It makes you wonder who Neidermeier’s family are?

Is he talking about Satanists?

Is Gordon Bowden DEAD?

There is only one source for Gordon Bowden’s death: the prolific and perpetual liar Joanne Sollis.

Even Joanne’s friends Danny Jones and AJ never bought this bullshit.

Here are a couple of things that should be easy to find if the story was true:

  • police report
  • news coverage
  • obituary
  • death certificate
  • burial site

None of these things ever was produced. Despite being searched for extensively under Bowden/Conman/Fraudster and a couple of other names in a couple of locations.

If that story had any merit, Jones, Lashbrook, The Mouse, Niedermeier would have raised hell on all channels. This didn’t happen.

Niedermeier just believes what he wants to believe. He has no interest in the truth. I have learned that those people who endlessly waffle on about the truth in endless self-pitying YouTube comments (like Niedermeier) are the ones least interested in it.

Just imagine the drama that Niedermeier alone would have created if that story was true.

When is someone going to tell Paris Barrington, he’s a useful idiot?

When is someone going to tell to Paris that it was a fake Andy Devine account which came into his live, and that it was a fake Matt Taylor account too?

Of course, no one will tell him for two reasons:

1. It was them who were pretending to be both Andy Devine and myself in the first instant.

2. Paris is a useful idiot, who having taken the bait, will now go on to provide hours of entertainment, destroying the reputations of John Wanoa, Andy Devine, myself, and many others.

Satanic View Mentions by James Hind

Posted on 5 Jan 2022 – Satan Hunters who endanger their own children.

Matt Taylor throws his children to the wolves

The worst of the Satan Hunters to throw their own children to the wolves is Matt Taylor of Brighton. I have previously called out Taylor over his activities to use his children as human shields in his fighting against his critics; posts that Taylor has reposted and acknowledged. The video that Matt Taylor created yesterday attacking me and other critics of Taylor was littered with images of his son, one that had his son looking like an angel sacrifice. Does the son of Matt Taylor know that his father is posting images of him all over the internet, mixed in with attacks on his critics and baby eating content? Does this boy have an understanding of the implications of what Matt Taylor is doing to him? Is this the actions of a loving father, or someone that in my opinion is betraying his son, using him as a child sacrifice in his ongoing fight with victims and critics?

Matt Taylor in my opinion is turning into a desperate man, who without limit, ethics or morality is determined to throw his son and daughter to the wolves, if it gives him leverage in his ongoing social media and legal challenges. If I had not properly viewed that video, I could have posted a link to the video that has images of the Taylor son, and thus accidently compromised the wellbeing of that child. But then, this is what Taylor wants, to be able to say his children are being abused by his critics; it seems to me that Taylor is using his children as bait, a sacrifice, so he can say to the police in Brighton Sussex: “look at what my critics are doing to my children, what evil child abusers they are!”

Satan Hunters and their friends are the greatest danger to their own children

Posted 2 Jan 2022 – About the Satan Hunters –

One of the regular themes of this blog has been my work challenging Satan Hunters. I would like to deal with three items in this blog post:

  1. What is a Satan Hunter?
  2. The three required conditions that will result in a Satan Hunter being listed and challenged by and I.
  3. The list of Satan Hunters that will be challenged in 2022 by and I.

What is a Satan Hunter?

A Satan Hunter is an individual who promotes Satanic Panic narratives such as those promoted by QAnon, that a target individual or group of people torture, rape, murder and eat children in the worship of Satan. Such Satan Hunters promote Satanic Panic false narratives for reasons of power, fame, financial gain, revenge or ideology.

The three required conditions that will result in a Satan Hunter being listed and challenged by and I.

  1. The Satan Hunter is promoting a Satanic Panic narrative.
  2. The Satan Hunter has in their actions in my opinion harmed or abused a child.
  3. The Satan Hunter is based in the UK, or the child victim of the Satan Hunter is based in the UK.

The list of Satan Hunters that will be challenged in 2022 by and I.

The list may be added to. The following are the names of Satan Hunters whose character, narrative and networks will be challenged by and I in 2022. The names on this list are mainly those I have had some personal knowledge of in the Satanic Panic cases I have dealt with in the last seven years.

  1. Abraham Christie, Morocco.
  2. Andy Devine – Greece.
  3. Angela Power Disney – Oldcastle, Eire.
  4. Becki Percy – California, USA.
  5. Belinda McKenzie – London, UK.
  6. Brian Willmot – Bournemouth, UK.
  7. Ella Draper – Spain.
  8. Jake Clarke – UK.
  9. Janet Stevenson – UK.
  10. Jeanette Archer – Cranleigh, Surrey, UK.
  11. Jon Wedger – UK.
  12. Lydia Lowe – Gravesend, Kent, UK.
  13. Matt Taylor – Brighton, Sussex, UK.
  14. Michelle Robinson – UK.
  15. Nathaniel Harris – Bristol, UK.
  16. Neelu Berry – UK.
  17. Owen Lucas – Fishguard, Dyfed, Wales.
  18. Richard Carvath – UK.
  19. Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV – Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.
  20. Sabine McNeill – UK.
  21. Samantha Baldwin – UK.
  22. Shaun Attwood – UK.
  23. Tom Dunn – USA.
  24. Wilfred Wong – UK.

Posted 15 Dec 2021 – Matt Taylor: the case of a Satan Hunter dangerous to women and children –

The UK Online Safety Bill cannot come too soon in the opinion of this writer; which will include measures to protect women and children. The Satan Hunter Matt Taylor from Brighton in the UK is a typical case worth highlighting as to why this Bill is so important: in the opinion of this writer, Matt Taylor is a danger to women and children.

Matt Taylor is probably at the top of the list of Satan Hunters (grifters who promote narratives of Satanists eating babies) with the most criminal complaints against them during 2021. As an obsessive social media addict and fiend, Matt Taylor has waged a campaign of harassment and stalking for years and years via dozens of social media accounts. At the end of November 2021 Matt Taylor suddenly went silent on the internet, with rumours circulating that the police had finally done something about him after being drowned in dozens of complaints against Taylor from a large number of victims over the last year. Taylor, an individual incapable of controlling his impulsive need to post on social media, seems to have been curbed by something, although this writer is unsure which criminal complaint the police have acted upon.

Matt Taylor, a danger to women

A female victim of Taylor approached me in distress in 2021, to the point that I was worried they would commit suicide. Other women, of which there are many victims, have been public about their fear and distress because of the internet postings of Taylor, including Shellie Mote and Sharon Gale.

A high-profile female victim of Taylor was the Sussex Crime Commissioner ☆☆☆, who was nearly driven out of office by the stalking obsession of Matt Taylor. ☆☆☆ said:

“I felt very isolated,” she told this newspaper, “I didn’t want to show I was upset because I wanted to stay strong.

Eastbourne Herald 21/01/20

What ☆☆☆ felt at the hands of Matt Taylor is typical how many females feel after what this Satan Hunter does to them.

The female solicitor for ☆☆☆ had to get a stalking protection order put on Matt Taylor as he started to target her in a distressing way.

A regular theme across the social media sites by Matt Taylor is how women are reduced to sexual objects for the pleasure of Taylor, for instance, a theme that women seek sexual pleasure from Taylor as part of his “harem”, occasionally with the names and faces of his female victims included.

Taylor as a bigot

Taylor is a bigot when it comes to both females, LGBT and alternative religions. A regular target of religious hate by Taylor is victim Shellie Mote, a pagan, who Taylor targets on a regular basis with “witch” images. Amongst the LGBT community are victims of Taylor such as Ann Drogyne and Reece Muttley, which in 2021 has resulted in the police issuing warnings against Taylor about.

Taylor targets fathers and their children

Taylor was convicted in the courts in relation to distressing conduct against a certain father and their children, which resulted in court orders to protect the children. Taylor caused alarm and distress to two more fathers over the safety of their children, as Taylor prowled like a demented hyena around their children in the Samantha Baldwin and Wilfred Wong cases. Taylor for instance even posted a fiction that I was the father of the Samantha Baldwin children. The kidnap victim known as Child A in the Wilfred Wong case had their safety threatened by posts by Taylor that potentially broke a court order; but after taking advice this writer did not refer Taylor to the police because they are “jigsaw identification” events, and not straightforward.

Taylor puts his own children at risk

Taylor pushes his children forward as human shields against his critics and victims. For example, when this writer posted the opinion that Taylor should be arrested and jailed for his ongoing illegal conduct, Taylor accused this writer of abusing his children; because to criticise Taylor in his opinion is an alleged abuse of his children, Taylor argues would read such comments, and his children would be denied access to Taylor if he ended up in prison. Matt Taylor pushing his children, including their faces, onto his social media, and using them against his critics, is abusing those children. Taylor is of course the agent of his own misfortune, if his internet postings attract criticism and legal attention. When mixing his children up in the same social media sites as his postings in support of the ultra violent paedophilic network known as the Order of Nine Angles, one has to ask why he is even allowed access to his children?

Matt Taylor has been investigated by police in relation to children

Matt Taylor is share-happy when it comes to telling his readers about police investigations into his activities, some which disturbingly involve child protection issues. Matt Taylor previously shared that he had been under investigation for indecent images of children. Taylor, then, in July 2021 posted:

“Hiding in his own home for five days, before Sussex Police threatened to smash his door in, ex-RMP Soldier Matt Taylor was arrested for taking three 15-year-old boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of beheadings.”

Guerrilla Democracy Blogspot 06/07/21

He gave further particular details:

“Walking home and chatting with three teenage boys, (one of whom Taylor recognized as being his daughter’s classroom friend, whom he has known all his life), has resulted in a serious allegation being made that Matt Taylor incited three teenage boys to come into the woods with him, after showing them videos of beheadings on his mobile phone.”

Guerrilla Democracy Blogspot 06/07/21

The UK Online Safety Bill is designed for addressing the suffering that Satan Hunters such as Matt Taylor cause for many victims that is a source of serious harm to women and children.

12 November 2021 – Satan Hunters turn sinister –

Matt Taylor is now involved with terrorist network Order of Nine Angles, making threats on their behalf

Matt Taylor is a Brighton-based Satan Hunter, who runs dozens of social media accounts such as blogs, where he makes the lives of many people a misery. Taylor comes over as some crazy nutjob, a surreal experience out of a feverish nightmare, whose head seems too big to fit on the internet screen, as it indulges the viewer in an orgy of insanity. With the psychotic grin of a Cheshire Cat, Taylor tells his audience of his adventures: in being investigated for indecent images of children; of showing random boys in woodlands beheading videos; and most recently, his foray into beastiality. Taylor brings his insanity to politics, standing as an MP in national elections promising to build an island off Brighton and a base on the Moon; but at the same time, banned from local elections for harm done to innocent people that earned him a suspended prison term.

Matt Taylor’s desire for attention, sensation and power has resulted in his experimentation with Satanism. Taylor initially associated himself with The Satanic Temple, one of the first Satan Hunters I know of who actually made an effort to get to know about the Satanist religion; even announcing he would stand for The Satanic Temple in the UK national elections. Taylor found The Satanic Temple to be too moderate for his tastes, but then discovered the Order of Nine Angles, which appealed to his psychotic power hungry inclinations. The (ONA / O9A) was once seen as clownish; hungry for notability, when it chased after academics to give them publicity, but have now transformed into a network of murderers, terrorists and child abusers. The ONA now have a constant stream of notability in the media for arrests, murders, child sex abuse crimes and terrorism. Taylor has found a new love interest in the ONA: promotes them; engages with them; and defends them. Taylor threatens this writer that the ONA are unhappy with this writer, although the ONA have never been happy with this writer for years. Both Matt Taylor and the ONA are dangerous crazies, but the UK legal authorities suffer an inertia to act against them.

17 September 2021 – Friday Satan Hunter Update 17/09/21 –

Matt Taylor from Brighton has at least three current complaints to the police being investigated against him, and should he be convicted of any, would activate his suspended jail sentence resulting from his obsessive stalking and harassing other victims. Taylor is currently having an internet binge of wild fantasy and fake news.

Report James Hind to the Police Now!

I have reported the online entity, James Hind to the National Crime Agency, to the Attorney General and to Sussex Police, for accessing illegal child pornography material online, and of viewing the most serious of child pornography, possibly even watching snuff movies and child beastiality.

It is time the police deal with the online entity James Hind because through his own admissions, via his blog,, he has admitted to being a 12 year old boy decoy online, and of sharing sexual material and conversation, with children as young a 7 years old.

James Hind is a MAP hiding in plain sight, and has now been brought to the attention of the appropriate police authorities.

For too long, James Hind and his Satanic breathen, have been untouchable and their arrogant reaching levels of epic proportions.

2022 is the year these dangerous criminals are brought to justice.

“Very disturbing illegal content of the top level.”

Not only is James Hind admitting to viewing “naked people, lots of erect penises, some people having sex”, he’s very worryingly admitting to viewing, “some very disturbing illegal content of the top level.”

That can only mean snuff videos, Satanic Ritual Abuse porn and child beastiality.

James Hind is DID MAP, Report this man to the police and beware of him hiding in plain sight.

Why are Danny Jones, Muttley and Ann Drogyne standing by him, when the evidence is overwhelming?

Does it not make Danny Jones, Muttley and Ann Drogyne MAP protectors as well?

Who Rattled Muttley’s Cage?

“Rest assured your little secrets will be published. It’s now just a matter of time. We will tell the truth not the narrative you’d like put out there. You know what you’ve been convicted for. Form.”

James Hind is a Danger to children

“There is a number of things that the experts have not picked up upon or are very wrong. In one chat room I am aware of a pattern never reported before that certain types of girl in the 12–15 age group will actively challenge paedophiles, but seem to end in a close emotional interaction with a few.

He would only know this having had a relationship with girls aged 12-15, in close emotional interactions.

Speaking with “Younger Teens”

“That the paedophile hunters and police are insulting if they think that most teens write like them in chats with retarded text speak. The younger teens write very well.”

By stating “younger teens write very well,” he shows he’s been in communication with “younger teens,” which can only mean 7-11 year olds.

This is really disconcerting information, shining the light on a DID, and a dangerous MAP hiding in plain sight.

He must be revealed to be the predator he really is, to save the lives of children online.

A predator hiding in plain sight, screaming at the top of his lungs, that there are dozens of so called “Satan Hunters” running around the world harming children.

He accuses everyone else, of being what he already is.

The poor man suffers from DIDism! Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

“And groomers don’t spend weeks and months grooming on the internet; most move towards the subject of sex very quickly.”

He knows the subject moves towards the subject of sex very quickly, because he’s been in conversation with young teenagers, where the subject turns to sex very quickly.

Here we have an acknowledgement from James Hind, that he’s been in sexual conversation with a young teens aged from 7 to 11 years old.

And yet fellow Satan Lovers continue to publicly lend their support.

I am bringing this information in the purpose of detecting and preventing crime, and put forward this evidence that James Hind is a DID and MAP, hiding in plain sight, calling everyone else the monsters, that he himself is.

Its time to shine the light on James Hind and reveal to everyone, what he really is.

Tasked as a moderator of a well known preteen/teenage online social media site, to identify and remove paedophiles, James Hind does the oppisite.

“In my interactions I am nice, polite and approachable, probably too trusting and open to conversation. Yesterday a random person offered me 500 ($£?) to go onto snapchat or omegle and do what they said. I asked what they wanted, and they were not sure, but wanted me in my underwear. Then they wanted me to send pictures or video of my penis. I refused.”

Did James Hind pass on the details of every person who wanted him to send pictures and videos of his penis, believing they were talking to a 12 year old?

If he didn’t, as he has form not too, he is protecting MAPs.

Where the kids are: The shocking reality of online chat rooms – Hoaxtead – 9/11/2018

Posted by E Coyote on – 9/11/2018

In yesterday’s discussion about the extraordinary number of convicted paedophiles who seem to be friends with, or promoted by, people who purport to be “children’s rights activists” and “paedophile exposers”, one of our commenters described the shocking reality of the online chats where paedophiles prey on teens and pre-teens.

Posing as a young user, Satanic Views began to explore the chat rooms with the goal of developing an AI (artificial intelligence) tool which could help counter the grooming process. To develop such a tool, he says, it’s first necessary to understand the mind and actions of the paedophiles who frequent these chats.

While we know that SV’s motives are pure, and his goal is observation-only, we would like to caution readers that this is not an activity we would recommend for anybody. Participation in this sort of activity brings many risks, and should really only be attempted by police who are equipped to deal with such situations. 

Satan Hunters know f*ck all about paedophiles, how they operate and the impact they have on children. If the Satan Hunters were on the ball about the destruction paedophiles inflict upon children and society, they would not be so loving and supportive of those child abusers.

The challenge of society is that it is not public relations friendly to invest charity and tax payer money into researching and helping paedophiles overcome their mental condition. However, this is important to do this, because the problem and numbers are getting worse, with the police and other experts overrun.

For personal and business reasons I want to learn more about the paedophiles, their process of grooming in chat rooms, the impact they have on their victims, what the police and paedophile hunters are doing, and what the children feel, experience, think and act with regards to these paedophiles. I need this insight to be able speak about this, and to create some AI to counter the grooming process. I have never been on a chat room before, but for a few weeks I have been watching and interacting on a number of chat rooms. It’s been very educational, especially learning about how I am reacting and feeling about things.

There is a number of things that the experts have not picked up upon or are very wrong. In one chat room I am aware of a pattern never reported before that certain types of girl in the 12–15 age group will actively challenge paedophiles, but seem to end in a close emotional interaction with a few.

  • That too many teens are not checking who they are friending when it is obvious it is a paedophile.
  • That boys, and rumoured some girls, have adopted the process of paedophiles to predate on fellow children.
  • That the harassment of children and women in chat rooms is very intense, especially by predatory males, with probably ten attempts on a female for every one attempt on a boy.
  • That the paedophile hunters and police are insulting if they think that most teens write like them in chats with retarded text speak. The younger teens write very well.
  • And groomers don’t spend weeks and months grooming on the internet; most move towards the subject of sex very quickly.

The experts with an AI who think that when someone discloses something personal, it’s a red flag that they are a paedophile, clearly have no clue, since I have seen lots of situations of people disclosing things for attention seeking, and teens are quite open in what they share.

It is certain that in some of the chat rooms I am on there are dozens of police and paedophile hunters on trying to catch groomers. The police I believe just sit there waiting for people to contact them, whilst the hunters are more interactive. They mostly have a stock photo of a kid as their avatar, some retarded bio which makes them look like a kid speaking, and a name such as katie13.

I have interacted with a lot of these, and they are seriously hard going to get into conversation, you kind of know they are fake because the conversation dies: they are one word answers like yes, lol and cool; they totally ignore me after looking at my bio; the conversation dies since they are not talkative or participating much. These people could be a bit more interactive in my opinion, and stop treating teens like text retards.

For the purposes of the paedophiles I play an insight role as a young teen male, my avatar is really me, and my story is roughly as it was at that age. I am as authentic as possible, and I keep away from the subject of sex, but this becomes harder when a groomer moves in on me.

I am ambivalent about what I am seeing of the teens: they appear streetwise; they do talk about sex in main chat; they are open; impulsive; play dangerous roles such as play being a paedophile asking for nudes in order to expose one; they are cruel, for instance in one case suggesting a moderator got their role by sleeping with the admin.

I take people “as is” when I interact with them, so if they say they are 13, I treat them as such in all the interactions. If a person says they are self-harming, taking drugs, or feeling suicidal, I will say to them not to do that, and seek help. I will warn noobs to be careful, and I will intervene if I think someone is looking at risk. There is only so much I can say and do within my role.

Of the paedophiles: On a regular basis I was asked straight out if I had sisters, their ages, nothing about me. I would ask why, and they ignored my question demanding answers. Although I said I had sisters, which I do, I refused to give any further information.

In my interactions I am nice, polite and approachable, probably too trusting and open to conversation. Yesterday a random person offered me 500 ($£?) to go onto snapchat or omegle and do what they said. I asked what they wanted, and they were not sure, but wanted me in my underwear. Then they wanted me to send pictures or video of my penis. I refused.

I think I am being stalked by one person through a number of accounts, I am not sure. One individual based in Kent did not speak sexually to me, but it felt like grooming, in that they wanted to meet me and I show them my karate moves. Probably the same person wanted to wrestle with me to test the strength of my legs.

People who start a conversation with ASL I know to be adults and wanting sex, they get ignored, and I hate that word. One individual asked if I was gay, when I said I was straight, threatened to kill themselves, some sort of emotional blackmail going on to force me to become gay and in a relationship I think.

Some people open the conversation with “cutie” or “cute” which is a red flag of grooming. Some issue compliments to me, some are really nice and friendly, some want to help me with my homework or interests. Some are bullying, in effect ordering me to interact with them and share snapchat contact. Some coming in on the emotional level, I have to do a mental reset to get them out of my head.

Many want me to come off the chat room to interact instead by video, kik, instagram, e-mail, phone, omegle and other ways. As in real life I am uncomfortable about talking about my body or that of another’s body, so when people do talk to me sexually, my discomfort reaches a point really fast that I will say I don’t like talking about the stuff, or I move to bring the chat to a close, or I run, or I ignore. The groomer from Kent I could have ended in their life being ruined, but it is not in my nature to be the cause of the ruin of the lives of others unlike the hunters, I don’t like that on my mind.

I am saddened that the paedophiles are unable to see children as living human beings, but instead as sex objects, and that they think the innocence of a child, such as their openness and trust, is a mating signal that they want the paedophile to have sex with them.

I am confused why males think that putting their penis on display on their avatar is appealing to women and children to interact with them. I am distraught that one chat room is overrun with paedophiles, saying and doing many awful things, like a sweet shop for paedophiles, where the sweets are the children, a place where moderators are children who do not have necessary powers to do anything about it, and the children have been in effect been thrown to the wolves.

This is why an AI is needed for such sites.

In a follow-up comment, SV notes:

“The situation is far worse than I have written for one particular site dedicated to kids. To give some examples, the minimum age is 13+ and I know there are 11 and 12 year-olds running around on the site, as I have spoken with them.

All accounts that are registered have an avatar, which everyone can see when they are active. When I check on the accounts of who is speaking with me or sends me a friend request, all their friends’ avatars can be seen, and these avatar images contain naked people, lots of erect penises, some people having sex, and some very disturbing illegal content of the top level.

The posts being made on the main chat which runs to about 50% of the posts include topics including: spanking; foot fetish; people with an obsession for diapers; invites to rape brothers and sisters; trading images via drop box and mega.

The admin who has the power to ban accounts has according to the moderators not been seen for months, and the three moderators are children, the admin was also a teen. There has been no efforts to appoint a new admin. The moderators don’t really know what to do, nor is people behind the site talking to them, they are unable to deal with the situation, nor do they have the powers to take action other than mute accounts for half an hour.

There is at least a dozen police from all over the world on that site at any time, and they should know what is going on, and they do nothing. Thousands of children use that site every week, and they see all this, and they are all being approached by the paedophiles.

If people want to see the site I have been talking about they can message me on Twitter, I will give you the address. You can join the chat room as a guest without an e-mail and see what I mean. The media, public and parents really don’t have a clue just how bad this can be on chat rooms, especially those with moderation problems.

We strongly agree with commenters YdychyncachuTracey and Lucca that this information most definitely belongs in the hands of the police. In particular, the chat room described above, and the “groomer from Kent” sound like crimes waiting to happen. CEOP ought to be informed of these situations.

Once again, we would caution readers that what SV has done should not be attempted by others. Should you find any evidence of online grooming or other forms of child exploitation, please contact CEOP via this link

Understanding paedophiles

More generally, we agree that hand in hand with a child/teen safeguarding approach, it’s important to understand the mind of the paedophile, in order to intervene as early as possible and prevent them from causing harm in the first place.

This is a massive task, and not something which can be achieved by one person, or even a small group of people. It requires not only a robust knowledge base, but the political and social will to focus on the “pre-offender” side of the problem with a multi-pronged approach.

This could involve such things as early intervention in the form of sexual education, access to confidential mental health services, support in the community to ensure that paedophiles remain non-offenders, and better education for police and the courts to enable them to intervene effectively when paedophiles do offend.

As a society, one of our first imperatives is to protect our children, the most vulnerable amongst us. If we’re to do that effectively, we need to understand the nature of this threat, and stop it before it starts.


Karen Irving, “It’s fine, I completely understand. It’s an uncomfortable topic.”


I don’t know about anyone else, I don’t feel happy even discussing this subject. Anything unlawful should be passed to CEOP as Tracey advised & be done with it.

Mark Trellis 

Your intentions ate good SV but I would urge you to work WITH the police ie be paid or work in official vetted volunteer capacity if you can develop AI. Much safer for you. You don’t want the nightmare of being accused of something.

surreal hustle

What James has done is extremely unwise and his detailed report of what he discovered should not have been posted here but reported to the police.

James’s actions have a lot of similarities with those of some paedophile hunters. Predators may be identified but if sensitive material is posted online then it could possibly risk police investigations and / or result in predators evading justice.

The “hunters” make all kinds of accusations against this couple calling them “nonces” and “paedos”, act in an aggressive manner, cause a huge drama in a busy public place and then post the video online. When the police eventually turn up they see what appears to be 2 vulnerable people being harassed by an angry mob and effectively rescue them. I don’t see what else they could have done under the circumstances.

I can imagine that a good defence lawyer would use this video as evidence of entrapment and claim that, with the video going public it would deny the alleged perpetrators a fair trial.

This is so depressing as, if the couple in the video have done what the “hunters” claim they have done, they are extremely dangerous and present a significant risk to children. I am especially interested in the area of couples and female offenders and this is an area that is not well understood or widely reported.

One thing this site is usually very good at is demonstrating proper boundaries around sensitive issues. I think that the is not one of the blog’s best days.

One thing I would be very interested to understand though is how AI could be used in the battle against online grooming and exploitation.

I have spent years researching certain types of criminals and I would never dream of doing what James has done. I did once search adult porn sites for specific content linked to my research and by accident encountered horrifying images of child sexual abuse, I reported it immediately the Internet Watch Foundation and it put me off ever searching porn sites again. I felt extremely traumatised by the experience and had intrusive flashbacks of material I had seen for months afterwards.

Also, a word to the wise. Many of the criminal networks and cults I research exploit their followers in the sex industry including in video chats and pornography websites. These networks own multiple porn websites.
What many people do not understand is that if they visit a porn website, even one that does not claim to have illegal material in it and demonstrates compliance with various regulations re the age of “performers” etc. they may be compromising their online safety and privacy and leaving themselves vulnerable to sextortion.

Malware can be installed on a computer relatively easily and anyone masturbating to porn could find themselves one day messaged with a link to a video of them masturbating, usually accompanied with threats, blackmail and extortion. The cult owned websites I know of have been the subject of complaints on consumer / scam alert websites for unauthorised payments. If you can imagine websites where vulnerable adults are pimped out and trafficked and where money is stolen from subscribers’ credit cards I think it is to be expected that these site will also be involved in data harvesting, the acquisition of compromat, sextortion and blackmail.

Just another point, but as anyone who has studied psychology in any depth will understand, a person’s sexual preferences and choices, as demonstrated in their online porn consumption, can provide insights into that person’s unconscious motivations and desires. This is valuable information for criminals.

Just as supermarkets use loyalty cards to develop profiles of consumers, websites collect data to be used to target people with advertisements for products and services. Do not imagine for one moment that porn websites do not do this also. Data harvesting is big business and porn in one way that extremely personal data can be harvested.

I recently watched the excellent film Ex-Machina in which the issue of AI is central. A young man is recruited by an AI entrepreneur to test a humanoid robot that was created to resemble the young man’s porn consumption profile.

While we have less to fear from humanoid robots in the immediate future posters and allies here should be wary of honey traps, male and female, who perfectly fit their physical, emotional and intellectual ideals. When people who seem to be “the one” appear from nowhere we should be alert.

I think that the police are struggling against an ocean of predators, blackmailers and criminals who monetise the pain and misery of children and also of naive adults. One of the most horrifying aspects of this is the mental health problems and suicides that result from sextortion and online blackmail.

We are facing an epidemic of suicides of young men in the UK and I strongly suspect that one of the reasons is online sextortion, bullying and blackmail.

There is so much work to do in this respect and any creative thinking should be welcomed and encouraged but not if it involves

James, if you think that AI can help the police then I would encourage you to write a proposal outlining your ideas. Share them here if you want to, just don’t even think about subjecting yourself to further illegal and traumatising material.

Sally the SENCo 

In my profession we’re advised not to do anything that could potentially be misinterpreted, such as being alone with pupils after school, giving them lifts, befriending them on social media and so on. And I would think that engaging with kids in chat rooms would come under that category, even if one’s motives are completely honourable.


Even more so as many of the possible related charges are strict liability offences. The police and CPS don’t have to prove mens rea. All an honourable intention becomes is a plea for mitigation in sentencing.

What is a Satan Lover?

This podcast is about an online persona calling himself James Hind.

No one knows who he (or she) really is, maybe not even himself.

As I will demonstrate, using Hind’s own words, he lives in a permanent state of disassociation.

‘What is a Satan Lover’, is as an inversion to Hind’s own blog, ‘What is a Satan Hunter’, in which he rates me 13th, in his list of 24 Satan Hunters across the world .

Having changed his ‘Satan Hunters’ to ‘Satan Lovers’, I’m explaining what I mean when I call them ‘Satan Lovers’.

So, throwing James Hind’s words back at him, and demonstrating his split personality, dissociative identity disorder and his danger to society, both in the real world, and online, he poses; I believe it’s prudent to highlight this individual in the spirit of detecting and preventing a crime.

A crime of child-abuse. Who knows who James Hind is pretending to be right now on the internet?

Quoting from the Dissociative Identy Discorder test on Very Well, Dissociative identity disorder or DID for quickness, is one of several types of dissociative disorders diagnosed in mental health. 

To qualify for the diagnosis, the person must have disruption of identity characterized by two distinct personality states, which include alterations in behavior, memory, consciousness, cognition, and sense of self.

People with this condition may typically experience recurrent gaps in remembering daily events, important personal information, or traumatic events that extend beyond ordinary.

And as we’ll explore further in this podcast about James Hind, he compares his childhood abuse to the abuse done to Child A and other children of SRA.

Which contradicts what he wrote in late 2021, claiming his childhood “sex abuse was at the lower end of scale of sexual abuse.”

Two versions of accounts. Two personalities; two of many more. Up to 100, but usually 10.

DID can vary enormously between one person and the next. Even skilled mental health professionals have difficulty diagnosing DID.

People with DID experience something called marked discontinuity of sense of agency. This means that a person’s sense of self is divided into at least two personality states.

We see Hind refer to this when he wrote:

DID’s may have a discontinuous memory of their everyday life, which may seem split into different experiences.

People with marked discontinuity can experience the sense of two separate identities, neither of which feel whole. This makes it hard to maintain a streamlined understanding of one’s awareness throughout the day.

A personality defines a person’s unique way of thinking about and relating to the world. It is important for defining one’s values and understanding who they are. People with DID struggle with a sense of self because they have fragmentation of their personality.

They may go back and forth between different personality states, which can vary between extremes. For example, a person may move back and forth between a mellow, kind personality and a serious, menacing personality.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, on average, a person with dissociative identity disorder has 10 alternate personalities. However, it’s possible to have up to 100.

Dissociative amnesia is when a person is unable to remember the details of important events. Often, the memory loss occurs around events that are stressful, traumatic, or meaningful. People with disorders like DID are more likely to experience dissociative amnesia around such events, such as a serious hospitalization or car accident.

People with DID have different identities, but they usually aren’t experienced in equal measure.

For example, a person with DID usually has a dominant personality, also known as the host personality. This is often believed to be the person’s true personality. The additional, alternate personalities are referred to as alters. The host is often passive, dependent, or depressed. In contrast, an alter may suddenly appear bubbly, loud, or aggressive.

Like borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder, DID is characterized by changes in mental state. However, borderline personality disorder involves a pattern of instability in relationships, self-image, and moods, and bipolar disorder is when a person has extreme shifts in mood states over periods of time.

DID is different because a person experiences periods of memory loss related to distinct personality states.

People with DID have difficulty remembering events as they occurred.

This can be depersonalization, or when a person feels detached from the feelings, thoughts, and memories of their own life or their sense of themselves. Or derealization, in which a person feels detached from the present reality.

Going back to watch James Hind himself admits, I live in a permanent trap of disassociation.

DID is sometimes mistaken for schizophrenia since both can cause a person to talk out loud to themselves. In schizophrenia, a person experiences delusions, hallucinations, and disorganized speech. This can cause a person to talk out loud to themselves about something that isn’t real. People with schizophrenia don’t have multiple personality states; rather, they have altered perceptions of reality. 

In DID, loudly talking to oneself is more an externalization of thought within the context of multiple personalities. DID is different from schizophrenia because it doesn’t involve a person thinking and acting upon things that aren’t real.

Pain-determined dissociative episodes are when a person develops a personality to help cope with the symptoms of discomfort. Researchers believe that people with chronic pain are more likely to develop dissociative states.

The pain’s of childhood abuse.

Some theories suggest that a person with DID has both an “apparently normal part of the personality”, which allows them to function normally. They also have an “emotional part of the personality” characterized by survival instincts. The Emotional Personality is what allows a person to ignore pain. When this alternate coping state isn’t accessible, it’s hard to cope with pain. 

People with DID may have no idea about their split personality states. They only suspect something is wrong when someone else tells them about their atypical behavior, like memory loss, or a strange event. Other times, they are aware of the differences in the personalities and can feel distressed about it, although they may appear nonreactive.

If you suspect that you or a loved one may be suffering from DIDism, it’s important to seek help from a doctor to discuss symptoms and get an official DID diagnosis. Keep in mind that although dissociative symptoms may be common, true DID is rare, and associated with experiences of overwhelming trauma and abuse. 

More and more childhood victims of SRA are now adults, coming to term with what was done to them as children.

So its with this in mind, one of the regular themes of this blog, has been my reaction to the Satan Lovers. I would like to deal with three items in this blog post:

What is a Satan Lover?

The three required conditions that will result in a Satan Lover being listed and challenged by, and I.

And with that, I’d like to interrupt right here and point out a use of phrase which shows his DIDism in plain sight.

“,”as he wrote in his blog, What is a Satan Hunter? “And I.”

It like saying, “Its good night from Guerrilla Democracy News, and its good night from me too!”

It makes not sense because I am Guerrilla Democracy News, just as he is Satanic Views, as I am MrXInvestigations, TaylorsFreedom and RespondingtotheBullshit.

By saying, “ and I; he’s displaying two personalities.

One of which is being the UK’s leading proponent of Satanism, and a crusader against child-abuse, of which he has been proved to have protected paedophiles!

Remember what he said about defending children? About choosing that mission above millions of others, to dedicate one’s life to!

Is it just me, or does that come across as pretty extreme?

And I need to drive home this point before I can carry on and fully introduce this demonic entity, otherwise known online as James Hind.

The list of Satan Hunters that will be challenged in 2022 by, and I.

What is a Satan Lover?

A Satan Lover is an individual who promotes vehemently (and I choose that word intentionally) the non existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), such as those promoted by Angela Power-Disney, Jeanette Arxher and David Icke, that a target individual or group of people torture, rape, murder and eat children in the worship of Satan.

Such Satan Lovers deny Satanic Ritual Abuse for reasons of power, fame, financial gain, revenge or ideology.

The three required conditions that will result in a Satan Lover being listed and challenged by and I.

The Satan Lover is denying the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

The Satan Lover has in their actions in my opinion harmed or abused a child.

The Satan Hunter is based in the UK, or the child victim of the Satan Lover is based in the UK.

The list of Satan Lovers that will be challenged in 2022 by and I.

The list may be added to.

The following are the names of Satan Lovers whose character, narrative and networks will be challenged by and I in 2022.

The names on this list are mainly those I have had some personal knowledge of in the Satanic Ritual Abuse cases I have dealt with in the last seven years.

Thomas Neidermeier – Germany

Chris Brindle aka Grobnob, Preston, UK.

Plisko – The Bell End – Dorset, UK

Reece Leverick aka Muttley – Cambridge, UK

James Hind – UK.

Karen Irving – London, UK.

Richard Dougal aka Fruitcake Muncher – UK.

Michelle Bingham aka Sparkle– Glasgow, UK.

Danny Jones aka Linden Warden – WestMidlands, UK.

Aiden Lashbrook aka Lucifer/Unlisted – UK.

Den Tarragon – UK.

Sheva Burton– UK.

Shellie Mote aka Shelley May O’Brian – UK.

Sharon Gale – Portsmouth, UK.

Blakewood – Lincolnshire, UK

Lee Jesson – UK

Nadia – London, UK

Tink aka WhiteWalker aka Tanya – UK

Ann Drogyne – NorthWest, UK

Brent Lee – UK

Andrew Ross – UK

My fight with the Satan Hunters is driven by a feeling of injustice – 9 Oct 2021

Analysing Hind’s Response!

“You are going to get yourself into a whole load of trouble Matthew.”

What this condescending piece of shit, (who hides before a fake name), fails to comprehend, is that the reason I’m being threatened with this type of cowardly remark, is that it them who are in trouble and not me.

James Hind is a paedophile protector! FACT! He’s proven that with his own words.

Anyone defending or supporting James Hind is also a paedophile protector.


Justice is coming for James Hind, as Justice is coming for all of us.


We will all be judged and we will all get what we deserve!


Worth Revisiting!

This tweet from the Super Troll from Germany called Thomas Neidermeier, (better known as The Toad in the UK), is worth revisiting as a perfect illustration of the madness of their cult, and the Satanic inversion which is their hall-mark.

He wants you to believe that a 3 minute recording I published in the early hours of the morning, (of which I decided better of it, and set it on private seconds after it going live,) was done so with the knowledge that my so called “victims,” would be “immediately alerted by YouTube.”

“Shows how much he enjoys terrorising. “

LMFAO! It really is hilarious, and typically Satanic to twist the narrative to make something into something it’s not.

How can I be held responsible, for my ‘alleged’ victims, subscribing to my YouTube channels and hitting the notification button?

It sums the Toad up, for what he really is……

Is Gordon Bowden Alive?

In a recent A1000 YouTube Live, Super Troll Thomas Neidermeier made the point that evidence of a death would be their obituary.

If this is the evidential standard required to prove whether someone is dead, (other than a death certificate and eye witnesses,) can it not then be argued that GORDON IS ALIVE!

As far as I’m aware there has neither been an obituary or funeral for Gordon Bowden.


Why can’t a Narcissist be Alone?

Narcissists by and large evolve from two extreme camps during formative years. The first is the extremely spoiled child of narcissistic parents where every whim will be attended to and the other at the far end of spectrum. That of the neglected child. Either way both resulting adults share the same inability to survive being alone.

Its all to do with coping. They just cant cope having only their own company to bounce off. For the neglected child you can understand the need for continual company considering the void of love and affection experienced during formative years. Why would anyone want those memories to resurface. So painful they must be avoided at all costs.

The spoiled child had a completely different upbringing. Perpetually praised to the hilt their backsides really were well and truly run after but at what cost. When you grow up having everything taken care of it hardly creates an individual best able to cope with adversity on their own. Both scenarios have created the type of people where living alone is simply not an option. A mixture of both practical and emotional needs that can only be fulfilled from close contact with others. If only the emotional part was so simple but unfortunately extreme upbringings produce extreme characters. Needing someone in your life is one thing but having to then control them quite another.

Talk about “exaggeration”

“I agree with that wholeheartedly. “

This is how the Man-Child Bully-Boy Mr Leverick works.

The fake satanist and paedophile protector James Hind makes a point of writing the word ‘ALL‘ in capital letters, to accentuate his groundless and malicious claim that “ALL the Satan Hunters have a fetish for narratives involving sadistic sexual violation of children and babies by Satanists.”

I find the claim particularly offensive because James Hind places me in 13th place, of the UK’s 24 so called Satan Hunters.

He’s claiming that I have a fetish for narratives involving sadistic sexual violation of children and babies by Satanists.

If anyone, no matter who it is, (Tyson Fury springs to mind) said that to my face, I would punch them without hesitation.

And of course, bully boy Mr Leverick, the snidey piece of shite, is always the first to reinforce and encourage the bullshit which James Hind spews.

“I agree with that wholeheartedly. “

It’s called ‘plausible deniability.’

Oh no officer, I didn’t say that!

Introducing Charlie’s Girl…

I often see Charlie’s Girl in my chat during my TaylorTV! Live shows, and this is the first time I’ve seen what she looks like.

It was only yesterday that Mr Leverick was self projecting when he said I, “thrive on dark energy and doesn’t, cannot, stop.”

His comment about, “a very good likeness of “IT,” demonstrates how he thrives on dark energy and how he, “doesn’t, cannot, stop.”

Praise for James Hind – WTF?

Doesn’t Vanguard Supreme and The Mouse know that James Hind is a paedophile hiding in plain sight?

Of course they do!

They know very well that James Hind pretends to be a 12 year old boy online, who when tasked with identifying and removing paedophiles from a popular online social media site, frequented with children and teenagers, (of which he was made a moderator,) he actually protects the paedophile by failing to report them to police, when he does identify them.

Read more: Is James a paedophile hiding in plain sight?

“I’ll keep a close eye on Matt Taylor,” vows James Hind

Ironically, James Hind isn’t even his real name.

Read more: Analysing James Hind’s Response.

He’s petrified his real name is released, brcause he’s a CEO of a company with Christain clients.

He’s petrified his Christian clients will discover he’s a satanist.

Who broke the Truce?

Bollocked chinned Mr Leverick has got form for breaking promises and agreements.

Take for example the day after two Sussex Police officers visited my home on a quiet Sunday afternoon in May, to warn me to stop mentioning the cunt in public.

They assured me Mr Leverick would be warned not to mention me too, but low and behold, the very next day, the bollock chinned cunt just couldn’t help himself.

Late October or early November I was doing a live and Mr Leverick came into my chatroom and started to converse!

The conversation ended up with me pledging not to mention him again.

I had every right to mention him, especially considering he broke his agreement with Sussex Police bot to mention me, and secondly he impersonated me, all the while lying that he didn’t.

He proved at that stage that he was a lying cunt.

From my point of view I didn’t ever want to hear the cunt’s name again. He had made false allegations against me to Sussex Police, and after being warned not to mention him, but watching him then mention me, and that Sussex Police were going round do fuck all about it, I was sick and tired of the cunt, and was happy to do anything to distance myself from him.

But alas that’s difficult, when you have a cunt as obsessed and fixated on me, as Mr Leverick evidently is.

So here we have Mr Leverick going public that I’m the one who broke the agreement we made not to mention each other.

(It’s worthy of note that when the agreement was made, he did add that he was happy for me to mention him, but only on the condition it was a “positive” comment.)

Let me assure everyone, it was the bollocked chinned Mr Leverick who broke our agreement, and NOT me!

Whether he wants to say we agreed not to “reference,” or “mention,” each other, reference and mention are pretty much the same.

It’s all about ‘alluding’ to something.

As for example this tweet by the fake satanist and paedophile protector James Lied, who tweeted some bullshit about the UK Online Safety Bill, in which my name was mentioned.

Mr Leverick broke the spirit of our agreement, by commenting, “let’s get this past the post!”

Here is another one, in which I’m being linked to the O9A organization.

Of course, Mr Leverick couldn’t help himself but comment, “as it should be!”

Here is another example, “absolutely justified and appropriate.”

The final sentence mentioned my name, to which the bollock chinned cunt couldn’t control himself, “Hahaaaa! About the final sentence.”

If that’s not alluding to me, I don’t know what is.

There are a few more examples of the cunt indirectly ‘alluding,’ to me.

I haven’t got the screen shot, but James Lied tweeted something derogatory about me, to which he replied, “100% agree!”

Thus the point I’m making is that it was the bollock chinned cunt Mr Leverick who broke our agreement, by being a snidy cunt retweeting, and encouraging his paedo protecting mate James Lied, to mention me.

Whilst he used the words, “integrity,” and “honour,” the facts of his actions are plain to see.

The cunt has form! Once a snidey cunt, always a snidey cunt.

A Perfect Example of Projection!

Here we see a perfect example of projection.

It’s he who can’t live his own life, and only lives vicariously through others.

It’s he who thrives on dark energy, and simply doesn’t, cannot stop.

He’s a cunt, of the highest order.

FYI of Sussex Police

Dear Sussex Police; for the attention of PC Bishop,

I wish to make this statement in response to a complaint of harassment made against me by a person I know to be Muttley.

Stated in a tweet, published on his twitter account, Muttley accuses me of making malicious communications via my blogs, and of homophobic abuse.

I categorically deny sending him any malicious communications, and nor do I concede I have been homophobic towards him.

Everything I had written concerning him, has been my right of reply, to the daily malicious tweets he publishes about me on his twitter account.

I have been receiving malicious communications from him since November 2021, of which I have sent to Sussex Police 101, for the attention of PC Bishop.

The latest malicious message I received from him was via a YouTube message at 18:45hrs on Sunday 9 January 2022, read, “Oh, what’s that out the window? Sounds like a siren doesn’t it! Knock knock.”

He is aware that I suffer extreme PTSD due to the numerous arrests by Sussex Police since 2015, one being on the eve of the national Covid lockdown on 22 March 2020, which left me without any IT equipment and communication devices throughout the national lockdown, and again on the 21 December 2020, which left me without any communication equipment during the Christmas period.

As you are aware, on 30 May 2021, PC Bishop and a fellow police officer visited my home address on a sunny Sunday afternoon, to threaten me with arrest, if I did not stop mentioning Muttley is public.

It was explained to me that Muttley would be given the same warning.

Muttley didn’t heed the warning, and the following day posted a YouTube community message that boasted of getting me “owned by Sussex Police.”

Since then he has impersonated me online, and publishes numerous tweets, alleging I am part of the Order of the Nine Angels organization, calling me a Gimp, The Brighton Beast, IT, a creep, a pervert, the village idiot, stalker, (amongst many insults,) all the while publicly mocking my weight and mental health.

Muttley publicly converses with other individuals who harass me, including Thomas Neidermeier, Chris Brindle and James Hind, (all self confessed members of The Satanic Temple,) who have publicly declared the intention of getting me arrested, and or mentally committed. Both Chris Brindle and Thomas Neidermeier have been investigated by Sussex Police for harassment against me.

Muttley has and continues to have a massive negative and detrimental effect on my life and mental health.

In a bizarre tweet published on Sunday 9 Jan 2022, he wrote, “When trying to explain Latin to the Beast of Brighton. The one who thought about tipping his, now deceased, mother of the Brighton Pier (his story not mine.)”

Knowing I am a popular, but controversial YouTuber, Muttley is harassing me, making malicious allegations against me, stalking me and sending me malicious communications to gain credibility within The Satanic Temple community, of which he is eager to impress.

Muttley is clearly using Sussex Police for his own nefarious ends, to get me into trouble and gain credibility within The Satanic Temple community, to which he publicly announces he’s a member.

His actions scare me, and bring me alarm, distress and fear.

In response to a tweet by James Hind, referencing my arrest on 21 December 2020, he publicly tweeted, “I have questions about this. Why would Taylor seek the company of 3 teenage boys in the woods at night? He is over 50 years old. The allegations sound quite serious. Has there been an outcome yet. Taylor stated on the record he was arrested and under investigation over this. Answers please.”

For a person who claims I am obsessed and fixated with him, why does he feel entitled to publicly make these remarks, which puts me in danger within my own immediate community, and further damages my already tarnished character and reputation.

It is with the above information in mind, and in conjunction with the information I have already sent to PC Bishop, that I wish to make a formal complaint of harassment and stalking against Muttley.

A copy of this statement has been sent to my solicitor Mr [redacted], from [redacted] Solicitors.

If you wish to discuss this further, under caution, would you please arrange a suitable date and time with Mr Mackrell, during which I will cooperate fully.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Taylor












Nothing could be further from the Truth….

Reece Leverick aka Muttley, is accusing my blogs of being malicious communication and homophobic abuse; nothing could be further from the truth.

Everything I’ve published about him, is in response to the malicious tweets and conversations he conducts in public about me.

He has joined forces with other satanists who have been harassing me online since 2017.

His malicious, frivolous and unwarranted complaints against me, is his attempt to gain credibility and standing within the satanic community which are actively grooming him.

Evident by the malicious messages below, he is actively inflaming my PTSD by threatening me with police visits.

He accuses of me homophobic abuse, and contends that I “fancy him.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

What is more likely to happen? A heterosexual man fancying a homosexual man, or a homosexual man fancying a heterosexual man.

This man has caused me nothing but alarm distress and fear since I first heard about him in November 2019.

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